Top 3 Benefits of Heat-Treated Steel Locking Tools

heat-treated steel locking tools

Top 3 Benefits of Heat-Treated Steel Locking Tools


Tough tools are made from tough materials! All Eagle Grip products are proudly produced with high-grade American steel. On top of that, we work with a local vendor in Nebraska to heat treat our locking pliers and C-clamps for unmatched performance for any application. Why is this extra step important in our manufacturing process? Keep reading to learn about the top three benefits of heat-treated steel for locking tools.

The Advantages of Heat-Treated Steel

1. Elevates Strength & Toughness

Heat-treating steel can positively affect yield strength, tensile strength, and fracture toughness. By definition, yield strength is a measure of the stress that a metal can withstand before deforming. Tensile strength is a measure of the most stress a metal can support before fracturing. On the other hand, fracture toughness is a measure of the energy needed to fracture metal that contains a crack. The end goal is to increase strength while also decreasing brittleness. We work closely with our vendor to determine the amount of tempering needed to achieve the ultimate strength and toughness desired for Eagle Grip locking tools.

2. Improves Wear Resistance & Durability

The heat-treatment process can also improve wear resistance by hardening metal. Steel can be hardened either on the surface via case hardening or all the way through via hardening. As a result, the material is more durable and resistant to wear. Since Eagle Grip is brought to you by Malco, we take the necessary steps to manufacture tools that work hard, enhance performance, and stand up to years of real-world use on the job.

3. Promotes Longer Tool Life

One of the main reasons we utilize heat-treated steel is to ensure that our locking tools last for as long as possible. With optimized strength, toughness, wear resistance, and durability, you can count on Eagle Grip tools to perform during the most demanding jobs. Failure isn’t in their DNA. Since we take extreme pride in the craftsmanship that goes into every tool, we are proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Now that you know the advantages of locking tools made from heat-treated steel and our steadfast commitment to quality, go ahead and compare Eagle Grip to your favorite pliers and C-clamps. You’ll see the difference in craftsmanship and feel the difference in performance the first time you put them to work!